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Comentarios sobre las composiciones

acAccent missing or misplaced
agAgreement: subject / verb; adj. / noun; article / noun
spInccorect spelling
opOrden de palabras -- wrong word order
vfWrong verb form used
vtWrong verb tense used
wvWrong verb used
verbo?There is no verb in the sentence
inf.Verb should be left in the infinitive
conj.Infinitive should be conjugated
p / iMistaken use of preterite or imperfect
s / iConfusion between subjunctive / indicative
s / eConfusion between “ser” and “estar”
p / pMistaken use of “por” / “para”
s / pMistaken use of singular / plural
??Clarify: I am not sure what you mean
lit.Wrong use of word or expression, or the word or expression is too literal -- look it up!
pronMistaken use of pronoun(s)
prepWrong preposition, or preposition missing
^Word(s) missing -- usually “de”, “que”, “a”, “con”, “para” etc...
pePalabra equivocada -- wrong word
Bad letter / word order -- reverse order
\Separate the two words
Connect these words / letters
[ ... ]Eliminate this

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