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SJHS Student Documents!
This is the place to come for viewing and / or downloading various classroom documents. You will find documents here that I hand out in class. If you lose it, or if you forget it in school over the weekend, you can come here and view or download the document. I have also posted final exam review sheets for the same reason. Find your class below and find the appropriate document.

Documents and Descriptions Online

I believe that you must have Microsoft Word 2000 or Microsoft Excel 2000 on your computer in order to view these documents...
To print a document, click on its title, wait for it to show up in your browser window,
and click your "PRINT" button. If you would like to save a document to a disk,
right-click the title and then click on the "SAVE" option in the drop-down menu.

Please note: This page is constantly being updated. For 2005-2006, the following documents ARE NOT accurate or relevant...yet.

Español I: Español II:
Las Introducciones

Mi horario de clases

Mi Arbol Geneológico

Spanish I:
Final Exam Review

El Tiempo en los Países Hispanos

Spanish II:
Final Exam Review

Español III: Español AP:
¿Quién y cómo soy yo?

Los Verbos de Capítulos 1-3

Los Verbos del Presente

Los Verbos del Pretérito

Adjetivos, Adverbios, Ser / Estar

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