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SJHS Student Assignments!
This is the home page for your online homework assignments. Now, before you continue on to the homework, you may want to check out the accent codes that tell you how to type those accented letters. You may even want to print that page to keep as a reference. Your answers will not be correct without the necessary accent marks. Then, click on the assignment to be completed. Once there, follow the instructions to do the assignment.

So, with that said, on to the assignments:

Spanish Language Accent Codes

Español 2 Español 3 Español 4
  1. Spanish 2,2: -ar verbs

  2. Spanish 2,H: All Verbs

  3. Spanish 2,2: Gustar

  4. Spanish 2,H: El Pretérito

  5. Spanish 2,1: El Pretérito

  6. Spanish 2,H: El Imperfecto

  1. Spanish 3: El Pretérito

  2. Spanish 3: El Imperfecto

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