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The L-I-N-K-S Page

Well, now that you have excercised your young mind, and furthered your education just a bit with the Homework Page, and you have reviewed my Classroom Procedure to keep yourself up-to-date with what goes on in class, it's time to relax a bit. You've earned it...I hope. What you will find below is a list of links. Some are educational, some are fun, some are just interesting. They are just a few sites I have found that I thought you might like to take a look at. Whatever...have fun!!!

Entertainment / Fun Stuff | Spanish on the Web
Education / Reference | Search Services
Miscellaneous Links

First, if you are new to computers, the Internet, the Web, etc., then is for you!!


MovieLink gives you all the information you need before you go out to the show...

The Internet Movie Database has all the information you'll ever need...

Or try

If you like movies and celebrities, try Celebrity Slugfest

If you are a movie buff, then you HAVE to visit The Oracle of Bacon (Trust me. It's definitely worth a visit.)

Star Links is another cool movie and TV game.

What about music? Metallica is one of my favorite bands!
In fact, here are a few short sound clips of some of my favorite songs.
They take a few minutes to download, though:

Enter Sandman
Holier Than Thou
Until It Sleeps
King Nothing

Another cool music site is The Ultimate Band List.

Or maybe you haven't been to MTV Online?

Do you like games? I've found a few cool places to visit:
Try this version of Hang Man on the web.
Or maybe a little Tic-Tac-Toe?
One of my favorites: TETRIS!!
You can even visit the Internet Park...

Jokes galore! Check out FunnyTown!

Or you can go visit 1001 Jokes

Humor Search is another great humor site...

Like the Sunday comics? Try Today's Cartoon.
(It changes everyday. It can be pretty funny.)

If you don't like that, then try The Comic Strip

How about visiting the Cool Site of the Day?

Blueberry's Totally Chilled gives you the top cool sites for the day, every day...

Then stop by to check out the Cool Tool of the Day...

Everything Cool Magazine is another cool place to check out!

Center for the Easily Amused, or C*E*A

You have to try this site: !!sdrawkcaB
Really, trust me...

The Keepers of Lists keep some pretty funny lists...

Need to find out how to do something? Go to -- the ability utility.

Do you like fun with words and accents? You should visit American Slanguages.

How about Internet vocabulary? Try NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary can be pretty funny. You can even subscribe to their mailing list.

MysteryNet is the place to go for online mysteries.

If nothing there interests you, try Dave's Web of Lies.

Or take a visit to the Worst of the Web.

Or impress your friends with Today's Fun Fact!

Want to show that special someone that you're thinking of them? Visit Virtually Everything.

If you are a forgetful person, try the E-Minder!

How about some cool interactive web sites? Try these:
The Death Clock!!
Guess the Dictator / Sit-com Character
What does your phone number spell?
The Rhyme Generator
The Lyrics Challenge
Super-Hero Generator
Guess What?
Interactive Magic
Scrambles -- Word / Trivia Game
The Amazing Ribbon-o-Matic!
How to keep an Idiot busy!
The Death Clock

Roll the dice for a random link or
add your site to the random link database.


Spanish On The Web:

Check out my own page of Spanish links. (C'mon, you might learn something...)

Check out ¡Olé! -- A Spanish Search Engine. Click on the icon below!

Or try the Servidor "Mundo Latino"


Education / Reference Links:

Looking ahead to college? Worried about the PSAT's, the SAT's, the AP Exam? Why not visit The College Board Online to answer your questions?

You might be able to improve your SAT scores with Kaplan!

You may want to visit The Looney Bin for a few study tips as well.

College of the Holy Cross

University of Connecticut

Babson College (O.K., so I didn't go there, but I hear it's a good business school...)

Have a research project to do? Encarta Online can help you.

Test your IQ with this IQ Test

Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest headlines and interesting facts with the ZDNet AnchorDesk or the AJR Newslink

Check out the ever-changing world population

Or, go visit the Population Reference Bureau

Stay up-to-date with the world's economic situation by viewing the U.S. National Debt

Try the World Pages!

!!! Gateway to the Net !!! has all kinds of curent, breaking news and information.

Unsure about a word's definition? Merriam-Webster can help you out.

Like politics? Visit The United States Senate

Are you a History buff? Check out this day in history!

Check out the American Flag online.

Get information on any flag, with Flags of the World.

Once you have the flag of a country, check out some information on any of the rulers of the world.

Bartlett's Quotations has many famous quotes from many famous people.

You never know who you might find on

The Library of Congress is a great educational resource.

Or do some research at the Internet Public Library.

Also, it's always good to know what the New England Weather is going to be like...

And if the previous site doesn't have the weather information you're looking for, try the Intellicast


Search Services on the Web:

Alta Vista


Ask Jeeves!

MetaCrawler will search multiple search engines.

The Big Book gives you Internet yellow pages.

And provides Internet white pages.

Looking for something on the web? Try SEARCH.COM.

Looking for someone, but don't have a phone book? Visit the Switchboard.

Looking for some free software? Go see the folks at SHAREWARE.COM.

If you don't find it there, visit Jumbo Shareware!

You can also search for specific file names at

U-Seek-U-Find -- the name says it all.


Miscellaneous Links:

Your first stop should be

Starting Point! The name says it all. Click on the graphic below to go there:

A good place to start: Holler 2 the World!

If you don't find anything there, try The Web 100

The Awesome Library has a ton of cool links... has several categories of links.

The Useless Pages -- pretty self explanatory, don't you think?

Do you like e-mail? Try the Student E-mail Connection.

You could win free internet access with utilities, games, downloads, etc.

Inspire: how about a quote-a-day?

Mapquest: VERY cool atlas, trip-maker, etc.

Visit City.Net to find out about your town.

If you like books, reading, etc., then BookWire is the place for you.

Visit, the Earth's Biggest Book Store!

Check out theon the web!

Listen to Scratch, the IceCat mascot.

How about some student homepages? See what your classmates are up to.

How about your own homepage. Angelfire gives you a free homepage!
And so does GeoCities!


And, if you guys know of a site that you think other SJ students would be interested in,
send it to me, and I'll add it to the list. Cool, huh?

Page created and maintained by: Mr. Duggan
Last updated on Monday, July 10, 2000.